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In today’s complex business ecosystem, having a business aligned and fully integrated security strategy is critical, not only to guarantee business success, but also to protect your brand and business in this ever growing malicious cyber world. Delphi Consulting offers the following security expertise to ensure that your IT environment is resiliently designed, tested & future-proofed from attack.

Email Cyber Resilience

Delphi combines several layers of protection for inbound and outbound email to secure against the most advanced email borne attacks, email spooling to ensure business continuity, email archiving to provide data resilience and end user awareness training to ensure business users are educated on how to prevent the latest attacks.

Rights Management

With the numbers and kinds of external storage media available, it is all the more difficult to protect your data from any sort of disclosure. Through our Rights Management services we can provide the protection for digital information needed by your organization or by government regulation.

Device management

Today, the topic of cyber security has moved from IT and the datacenter to the highest levels of the boardroom. Attacks and threats have grown substantially more sophisticated in frequency and severity. Attackers reside within a network for an average of eight months before they are even detected. In the vast majority of attacks, they compromise user credentials and they are increasingly using legitimate IT tools rather than malware.

You are now working under the assumption of a breach. How do you find the attackers before they cause damage and/or demand a ransom payment?

Threat Analytics

Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics (ATA) provides a simple and fast way to understand what is happening within your network by identifying suspicious user and device activity with built-in intelligence and providing clear and relevant threat information on a simple attack timeline. Microsoft Advanced Threat Analytics leverages deep packet inspection technology, as well as information from additional data sources (Security Information and Event Management and Active Directory) to build an Organizational Security Graph and detect advanced attacks in near real time.

Data Classification

Data classification and identification is all about giving your data tags, and classifying your data so that you can find it effectively on the go. We have an extensive amount of experience and offer a wide assortment of classification services.